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Clean Slate - Fresh Beginnings

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

I started my first website out of college, it served a purpose then, but honestly, looking at it this morning, I decided to start from scratch. Not a thing about it felt like me, felt relevant. Too much had changed, too many things about me weren't included, it was so bare, so unorganized. SO BLAND. Honestly, it was so NOT what I wanted anymore. It was after all, my “dance website”... it was limited to images and bio that no one really wanted to read unless it were in a program of a show... it was boring to me. So much has changed in my life over the past three years. It didn’t include my passions, it wasn’t the best formatted design and was going to be a bigger pain to edit and fix than to just start fresh. So here we are, a clean slate, a new design, a FRESH BEGINNING.

I wanted an opportunity to blog, to put my instagram feed somewhere - allowing my social media and my website to be more connected, useful, and far reaching. Not that anyone really cares what I have to say, but I used to journal, I used to write and I have found myself craving it. So here we are, a new website, a new overachieving hope of blogging semi regularly, and just a chance to share my passions - my life and my journey.

This Wednesday (Valentines Day 2018) is when I officially put things in motion and began to write and then walked away from it. After all, I had no website to put it on yet. I redirected my focus on starting the website. This first post is a multi-day process (I have a feeling this will be pretty typical) The good news is that I already have a note on my phone with lots of different blog topics and experiences I want to write about. I’ve started meal prepping and keeping recipes that are worthy of writing about, why I chose the items nutritionally speaking and how that process was going. I started noting things about my body and my physical shifts that I want to address to dancers. I have moments of success noted and moments of failure in rehearsal, eating, yoga, my mindset…. begrudgingly noted as well. I have different yoga challenges and questions and ponderings. Honestly, the note itself is over a page long with ideas. It will just be a matter of making time to sit down and get it on paper (or screen).

Here's to the adventures ahead

Before I get ahead of myself, I will say this, I said on New Years that I was interested in starting to blog… it only took me a month and a half to bite the bullet and start. If that tells you anything, you can probably do some guessing on long it will be before my next post BUT I did it. I am doing it.

New Years had a couple focus points

1. to try to read every night before bed

2. To start writing again (in some context, then decided blogging would be the route I would take)

3. get the dream job and move

So far, I’ve been not so great about reading. Labor Day weekend brought some new challenges to my life and instead of focusing on that every night, looking for answers and reasons - I tried using yoga, meditation and prayer to redirect my focus from someone I loved so much. Reading was something that removed me from my day, allowed me to reflect from the outside or to be taken somewhere else (depending on what I was reading). It got me off my phone. It helped me sleep. And I needed that. Then for whatever God knows reason, when I recognized this new addition to my life, one that I like that I’m proud of and actively decide to try to keep it regular – it is the first thing to go. I mentioned how much it helped, New Years I made it part of my "New Year New You" crap and then like I had said the exact opposite, it has been a last priority. That said, I’m working on it. Writing wise, this is day one – but the website is started, the first blog post (HELLOOOOO) is here. I’m hoping that now that all the logistical and technology related parts are done, I’ll be able to kick this into gear. *Fingers crossed*

I have lots of adventures and experiences thus far in the last month and a half that I’m really excited to share with you and write about, nonetheless over the last couple years. But for now, I need to get in a yoga practice before heading to Seton to be there for the basketball kids’ “Senior Night” and I’m really excited to see one of my best friends who I no longer see every day. Until next time!!

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