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Renew Yoga and Wellness Retreat

Updated: Mar 30, 2020


In June, my two dear friends Hannah Wendel and Sierra Kellogg and I are hosting a yoga retreat in Isle Mujeres, Cancun @coco_b_yoga_and_wellness. Please join us for 5 days of blissful fun with yoga, relaxation and overall healthy living on the beautiful Isla de Mujeres off the coast of Cancun.

Sierra, Hannah and Mackenzie reunite for a week of Yoga, meditation, energy healing, Ayurveda, nutrition, paddle boarding, kayaking and more. Retreat includes luxury housing, transportation, chef-prepared meals, massage, and lot’s of yoga.


^^^ Sounds really nice doesn't it? But while it captures the retreat well from a distance in 250 characters, it to me, also sounds a bit market-y. So I'm going to explain it another way:

I am genuinely thrilled for an opportunity to host this retreat with two very dear friends from

college. We met our freshman year, from different parts of the country and through our dance major we connected on a level I couldn't really describe. But we clicked, and our group of friends, self-named the "Misfits" enjoyed exploring the city of Boston, dancing after hours in the studio, the streets, dorms - you name it. I really enjoyed being around these girls because they were real. They stood for something (which has continued to grow and blossom.) I was inspired by them and being around them helped me grow as an individual. This was long before our yoga teacher paths had begun. We shared a passion for live music, people, food, deep connection. Their intelligence and ability to connect brought more out of me. After one short year together, Sierra began her next journey, her next phase in San Francisco. While Hannah and I finished at Boston Conservatory together, the three of us maintained contact. I had the pleasure and honor of watching these women grow but also inspire other women and men to grow. They believed in the power of listening and witnessing but also speaking up.

Since parting ways, the three of us have always (whether intentionally or not) been brought back to each other. And every time we talk or reunite, it is as if life was never apart from one another. We obviously catch up of big happenings but energetically and emotionally - that foundation has maintained. It rarely has been all three of us in one place, but here and there two of us reunite and its amazing aside from the miles between us that makes it so profound, it just feels good, the warm and fuzzies to be back with them. I'm so excited for you all to meet them and be inspired by them like I am!

It has amazed me how different our journeys of career were once parting ways and yet how each of our paths brought us to similar things and passions which brings us to now - three different yoga teachers, three different teacher training experiences but again united by something that touches us. Yoga.

This past week we had a "conference" to talk about the retreat. Okay, you caught me, we face-timed each other to talk about the retreat. We talked about our concerns freely, we got excited about things we wanted to offer, we talked about how to reach people. We also addressed many of the questions together that people had reached out about.

1. "I feel a little intimidated by the term 'yoga retreat'--I don't have a strong yoga practice, will this be too challenging?"

--This retreat is for all ages and abilities! Whether you have never practiced yoga or are a well practiced yogi, we are offering an opportunity for you to get in tune with yourself, body and mind. Our goal is not simply to do poses or have the biggest workout, it is about connecting to ourselves. Through breathing, moving, relaxing, chowing down on good prepared meals, and exploring what the island has to offer, we hope to give you an experience that is restoring and leaves you coming out of a vacation well-rested and rejuvenated! That might be through a gentle flow, a little sweat, eating well, or lying on the beach. You can be as involved as you want. This is for YOU. Not for us.

2. "Is there an option for payment plans?"

--Yes. Absolutely. When you click on the link to sign up you can choose the option to pay in installments. A few months have passed but you can catch up and pay as you go!

3. "How about discounts?"

--Yep. Got one! Use the code: MACKENZIEVIP when you check out to receive 15% off!

4. "My friend is new to yoga can they come with?"

--Yes! More the merrier! Age, experience - none of it matters. Bring them along!

5. "How much yoga will we really be doing?"

--As much or as little as you would like. We plan to have a gentle flow class in the morning to start the day and a restorative practice at night. There is ALWAYS an option to skip it. This will not be one of those - you must abide by the schedule field trips. It truly is a retreat from your chaotic (and wonderful) life back home. This is about YOU. There are plenty of other activities included too that you can partake in or not. Choice is yours.

6. "I'm confused about the room rates....what is the difference between standard and luxury?"

--Main difference is the view. Some of the luxury rooms are a little bigger. Either way, it is a gorgeous place to stay and no matter which type of room, it will feel luxurious!


After lots of discussion about the retreat but also our own lives, our "why" for this retreat, and our holiday stresses, we came up with this idea, a call to action, a "challenge" of sorts. Feel free to check in here - I'll be posting here each day as well about the challenge. It is a call to action. This holiday season, if you follow the three of us on instagram, we are leading a #12DaysofMindfulness Challenge starting Christmas day.

We want your holiday season to be as blissful, happy, and full as you deserve. Sometimes the hustle bustle, giving of energy, running from social event to the next, financial stress of giving thoughtful gifts takes a toll and ends up being less than relaxing. Just like vacation, you just start to relax as it is ending. This challenge in hopes of allowing and cuing some tips for making your vacation or holiday season less stressful. In fact, these calls to action and challenges are also key to renewing and restoring on our retreat. Curious stay tuned for more! If you don't want to miss anything, please subscribe to get updates and tips in the cheerful season how to keep it as such.


I know June may seem very far away but I wanted to share it with you because if you sign up now there are payment plans available. Use the code: MACKENZIEVIP to get 15% the total cost and the first three to sign up will receive a free private yoga session, spots are going quick! Please let me know if you have any questions or are looking for more information! LINK is live on service tab of the site, but can be found on under “Renew Yoga and Wellness Retreat” and I'd be happy to talk further with you if you'd like!

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