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#12DaysofMindfulness Day 12!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

You've made it to the final day of our challenge!! How are you feeling? Have any of these challenges in particular stuck with you more than others? Do you find some of these seeping their way into your daily life since encouraging a continued shift?

So here it is, the LAST DAY!

Day 12 : Treat Yourself!

Treating yourself can be as simple indulging on your favorite dessert, getting a massage, taking a nap or a vacation. .Our suggestion!?

Consider treating yourself to a 5 day yoga retreat on the Isla de Mujeres just off the coast of Cancun.

@sierratraining @hannahyogareiki and I have so much we hope to share on these 5 days from exploring new places, our well-being, to relaxing and moving together. We have something for everyone and cannot stress enough, this retreat is for everyone whether you are new to yoga or are a seasoned vet.

Meditation. Yoga. Scuba. Energy Healing, Ayurveda. SUP/Kayak. Massage. Chef-prepped Food. And so much more!

DM for more information or if you have questions!!! 📩 Or go to the "Services" drop down menu to sign up or get more information!

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