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Wedding Choreography


Brian and Cathleen Meyer

When my future wife Cathleen Carver and I were planning our wedding we asked ourselves what song we were going to dance to.

Knowing we aren’t bad dancers but not ones to be creative without a plan, we sought out our dear friend and professional dancer Mackenzie Rawls to help us bring our dance to life and create a memory we will never forget. 


When we performed the dance at the wedding, we brought the party to their feet! However, my favorite part of the journey creating our wedding dance was the practice sessions with Cathleen and Mackenzie. Mackenzie is a visual master bringing movements to life and really understood our strengths and weaknesses to create a doable but challenging routine that Cathleen and I had to work hard on to get right. It was a bonding experience that helped relieve some of the stress of planning a wedding. 


I would highly recommend Mackenzie's services to anyone who wants to bring life to their wedding dance rather than doing the standard…to the right…to the left. 


Before Brian even proposed, we had the song for our first dance picked out. Music and dancing is one of the things that made us fall in love with each other. Thankfully, we aren’t horrible dancers and we’re friends with an AMAZING one. We knew with choreography assistance we’d be able to make our wedding even more special for ourselves and our guests, so we asked “the AMAZING” Mackenzie for help.

When we performed our dance at the wedding, it brought our guests to their feet and was a moment neither of us will ever forget. Along with that moment though, we’ll never forget the time spent learning it. Mackenzie went above and beyond to create a routine that was challenging, but achievable. She was also extremely flexible with scheduling practice times. While we certainly had our moments of frustration (and gave Mack some experience as a therapist haha), it was an experience we’re both so grateful for and we cannot recommend Mackenzie’s services enough. For anyone interested in WOWing their guests with something other than the traditional dance shuffle- look no further!

Brian & Cathleen Meyer


Christopher and Sarah Norman

My husband and I really wanted to surprise our parents and guests with a fun, choreographed dance for our first dance at our wedding. Mackenzie worked with us for months, always making time in her busy schedule. She listened to what we were expecting and assured us that we would be able to pull it off, lifts and all! She played and danced to our song tirelessly to figure out the best choreography for us. Her creative process was amazing to watch and her ways of breaking down all the steps and having patience with us non-dancers was impressive. 

We felt like stars on the dance floor and had so much fun! We love looking back at our wedding video and especially our first dance. Learning this dance together before our wedding was the best gift Mackenzie could have given us. We are so lucky to call her one of our closest friends and we have such a great appreciation for what she does. We highly recommend her!!!

Sarah & Chris Norman

Wedding Choregraphy

Wedding Choregraphy

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